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Scheduled to release $100,000 T-shirt

Pareal Inc will soon launch the apparel brand "Pareal".

Official HP

Pre-sales will begin soon, and a total of 250 T-shirts will be available in four models.

One of the models is priced at over 10 million yen per piece, and we will explain why.

#1 ONE SIZE 10,014,700円

In fact, Pareal has several innovative points.

1. Apparel brand that you can only buy if you learn and donate

Pareal is an apparel brand whose goal is to create a community where people can discuss and solve various problems such as war, animal protection, and environmental issues.

The brand creates a virtuous cycle of people wearing Pareal apparel and gaining new fans over and over again, creating a community with a strong driving force.

The price of #1 above is actually 14,700 yen and the remaining 10 million yen will be used as a donation.

2. Apparel brand with NFT

Pareal is an NFT (blockchain) technology that allows

Unrewritable information


By utilizing these three points, Pareal believes that it can prove the authenticity of its products more effectively than a brand's guarantee card and eradicate the malicious working environment in fake factories.

We also thought that by combining the physical product of apparel with the virtual product of NFT, we could break away from the consumption of disposable apparel by continuing to guarantee its value.

3.Ethical production background

Unlike charity apparel, our products are made of 100% organic cotton with a 100% organic cotton body.

100% organic cotton body

Top quality T-shirts printed in a factory with dye filtration equipment.

You will know the difference when you hold one in your hands.

We invest less in advertising and ambassadors, and more in quality, achieving the brand's social significance, and reducing our environmental footprint.

We invest in quality and in reducing the environmental impact of our brands.

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About Pareal Inc.

Company Name : Pareal Inc

Location : 2-2-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Phone number : 03-6555-2437

Products handled : Apparel

Official website :

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