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Have you ever heard of the term Pareto Optimum?


It was proposed by the Italian economist Wilfredo Pareto and refers to a lean allocation of resources.


If you want to share a cake between two people, you know that you can cut it in half.


However, in the real economy and society, resources are never evenly distributed.


Pareal is a company that realizes such a Pareto-optimal world through apparel.


S様, 東京都


About our shop

style, design, service

Build a community like Learn about, donate to, and discuss solutions to various issues around the world, such as the invasion of Ukraine and the effects of the coronavirus.


Pareal becomes the uniform of the community.


Community members will wear the Pareal and also influencing new people to build a stronger community.


We will be discussing and deciding how to use the donations in a DAO.


We are not just a charity apparel company, but a top quality T-shirt made of 100% organic cotton and printed in a factory with dye filtration equipment.


We will invest less in advertising, ambassadors, etc., and more in quality, furthering the social significance of the brand and reducing our environmental footprint.


Minami-Aoyama, Minato Tokyo Japan

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