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Social significance as an apparel brand

The origin of clothing can be traced back to Mesopotamia about 5,000 years ago, where it spread to people as a means of embarrassment, protection of the body, and adaptation to the climate, and it has developed and evolved spectacularly as fashion up to the present.


We believe that the future of apparel will be a campus for projecting and asserting one's ideas and lifestyle.


Pareal is a community of NGO's, Pareal and apparel brand Pareal, where the apparel division is responsible for branding, influencing, and obtaining funds for activities, and the NGO division is responsible for community management and actual support activities. Click on the icons below to check out the Pareal NGO website

The Story of Pareal 

名称未設定 1.jpg

CEO Shuhei Watananabe

Born in 1994. Born in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

After graduating from high school, he went on a round-the-world trip and was helped by various people, which made him want to eliminate borders from the world.

He will leave the IT development company he worked for and open Pareal Inc. in 2022.

During a trip to New York City during Christmas, I was moved by the sight of local students distributing large quantities of boxed lunches to homeless people, and after returning to Japan, I started a similar activity.
Just as I was influenced by the students in New York, I can influence others by doing good deeds even if I'm ordinary person. I believed that if this chain continued, the world would surely become a better place. And when I was lived in Harajuku, I saw various apparel brands spreading in there and their supporters becoming a community, that's inspired me to come up with the concept of Pareal 

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