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NFT x Fashion

Pareal Inc will soon launch an apparel brand with NFT that can only be purchased by learning and donating.

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Why NFT?

The NFT was created in 2017 and began to gain public acceptance beginning around 2021.

The public perception of NFTs was strongly speculative and artistic, and NFTs were being created that were worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Pareal highlighted the following features of NFT (blockchain)

・Unrewritable information


・Collateralization of value (ownership)

By utilizing these three aspects, we believe we can prove the authenticity of our products more effectively than a brand's guarantee card, and eradicate the malicious working environment in fake factories.

We also believed that by combining the physical product of apparel with the virtual product of NFT, we could continue to ensure the value of apparel and break away from the consumption of disposable apparel.

Pareal decided to include an NFT with a serial number on every piece of apparel.

Purchasers will be able to view and retain their NFTs through their cell phones via a card with a serial number.

Apparel x NFTs will help us to deliver on our core values of Pareal which.

"We will create a world where each person can support each other and shine brightly, transcending all boundaries of religion, nationality, race, etc.

We will realize our core values.

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About Pareal Inc.

Company Name : Pareal Inc.

Location : 2-2-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Phone number : 03-6555-2437

Products handled : Apparel

Official website :

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